Repair Service

Do you want to repair or upgrade your boat? Planning to buy a boat that needs updating? We can help you.

We renew your selected boat, modernize it to meet your needs and we prepare it to a new birth and to experience new stories with you. For us it is important that our revived ships had historic value, hearten you with their external beauty, were reliable and equipped in accordance with all your requirements.

When we see a noteworthy ship, we do not remain indifferent; we acquire and upgrade it ourselves. That’s why you can buy ships that have been restored and equipped with the latest equipment.

In our work we apply only the highest standards so you can be sure that your journey with a new, exclusive boat will be exceptional and safe.

We love the sea and the boats. So if you need help with your current boat, we are ready to help even with the simplest repairs. We repair, restore and upgrade ships ranging from entertainment boats, to classic yachts and exclusive ships.


Example of our work, “Brabander rejos” boat repairs:

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