VOLVO C304 Ambulance

VOLVO C304 Ambulance

Full Name: VOLVO C304 Ambulance
Year manufactured: 1979 only-17814 km
Engine: Petrol 86 kw 117 hp
Features: Gearbox-manual, 6×6 diffs, Color-dark green.
Maximum load 1190 kg, Weight 3310 kg, Total weight 4500 kg.
Total length 5350 mm, Width 1910 mm, Cargo space length 2990 mm.
Tire dim 280/85-16, Good condition tires.
Totally original and fully restored in perfect condition
(for collectors), complete military attribute was done,
all systems are restored or changed for new and work perfectly.
Price: On demand
Telephone: +370 656 77 717

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