Building Process

1. Dream

Every major work starts from a dream. Together with the client we dream about how the ship should be when it is completed. What will be its design, what materials to use, what kind of devices to built-in and how to do it.
Years of accumulated experience and knowledge allows us to offer innovative ideas for the boat design and equipment upgrades. Matching each others dreams we draw up a detailed plan for a client to know every detail of the ship’s future.

2. Dismantle

We break down the boat until the last rusty nail. After cleaning the mold, rust and old paint, we remove anything that can’t be corrected. We update it, fix it, find and buy or produce completely identical parts, which will replace the old ones. We try as much as possible, to keep ship’s authenticity.

3. Construct

After all broken and damaged parts were restored, we prepare the boat for a new life, in accordance with the plan. We seek that ship on rebirth would be even better than it was just made. We install any additional parts according to the design plan and set up the old ship with cutting-edge equipment. Everything is installed according to your desires so that you can go on a trip with your dream boat.

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