Century Arabian 1957

Century Arabian 1957





Year of manufacture: 1957
Country: USA
Former owner: Robert Chyba
Year of renovation: 2017
Renovator: “Memel Werfte”
Boat dimensions: 5.50 m x 2.08 m x 0.495 m
Boat weight: 1 064 kg
Classification: “Runaboat”
Sailing area: D
Hull material: Redwood
Deck: Obeche
Interior: Faux marine leather
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine: FORD interceptor 312 V8 modified
Engine displacement: 5 100 cm3
Engine power: 158 kW / 215 HP
Engine torque: 438 N.m / 3 800+ RPM
Maximum speed: 40,84 knots
Fuel consumption: 60 l/h.
E-mail: info@memelwerfte.com
Price on demand Tel.: +370 656 77 717





• The story of “Century” boats starts with the early twentieth century. In 1926, in the largest city of Wisconsin State (USA), Milwaukee, two brothers, James and William Welch, founded the “Century Boat Company”. They began building fishing boats, small sailboats, and champion racing outboards.
• In 1928, the brothers moved their shipyard from Wisconsin to Manistee, Michigan, where the Company operated for the next 60 years.
• In 1930, one of the Century’s boat, Hurricane, reached 50,93 miles per hour and hit the world’s outboard speed record.
• In 1937, the Company offered 28 models of boats for sale.
• During World War II, the Company produced 3 600 assault boats for the US Army, by virtue thereof the brothers James and William earned the Army-Navy “E” Award. In those days, this honorary title in the boat building and manufacturing sector meant the achievement of excellence in production.
• During 1950-1960, the “Century Boat Company” produced the famous Arabian and other models such as Coronado, Viking, and Polomino, thus introducing a new design trend for a long time.
• In 1967, the “Century Boat Company” made its last boats of pure wood and shifted to fibreglass boats.



• The main idea the manufacturer kept in head when designing the Century Arabian was to combine comfort and sportiness. This was particularly true for the Century Arabian model. The Company attached great importance to the added word “Arabian” which meant “as fast as an Arabian horse”.
• The boat is very rare. The production of this model lasted five years only – from 1955 to 1959.
• Only 206 stunning water beauties were produced over the entire production period (51 boat in 1955, 46 vessels in 1956, 41 boat in 1957, 30 boats in 1958, and 38 boats in 1959).
• Brown and yellow leather had always prevailed in the interior of this boat, yet, the design changed in the last year (1959) – red and white colours were selected for leather. The interior was added with ~1 m wide vinyl strap in the middle of the front deck along the boat.
• The following celebrities enjoyed this rare, unique, fast and cosy boat, James Winslow, a British professional racing driver of the 20th century. He is the winner of five motorsport championships and currently competes in the Asian Le Mans Series. Phil Andrews, a famous British racing driver from Birmingham. He raced in famous championships and racings such as F3000, British F2, F2, Le Mans, EuroBOSS and Ferrari Challenge Europe.





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